Monday, October 5, 2009

Breakfast on the Run

I finally did it!  I perfected my protein bar recipe.  After many weeks of serving the children dry, tasteless, boring bars, I finally figured out a way to make a sugar free protein bar that everyone would like.

During the trial and error phase, I created a different version every week. My kids would eat them OK, because they are not used to sugary foods, but I tried them on some other kids and got some pretty yucky faces.

So here is my recipe for Cherry Oat Protein Bars.  They are sugar free and gluten free.

2 1/2 C  Oats, separated
2 Tbs.    Butter, melted
1 C        Applesauce
2            Egg whites
1/2 C     Maple syrup
1/2 C     Protein powder
1 C        Frozen cherries, thawed, drained, and diced

*Put 1/2 C oats in food processer, pulse until a fine powder. Leave other 2 Cups oats intact. 
*Put all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.
*Add wet ingredients and stir until mixed.  Mixture should be fairly thick.
*Spread mixture into greased 9x12 pan.
*Cook at 350 for 40 minutes.  Bars will be soft and chewy. 

These make a great breakfast on the run or a healthy after school snack.  You can substitute any frozen fruit for the cherries, but you may need to add a little more maple syrup.  You can also add a little less protein powder and add some ground flax seeds for those healthy Omega 3's.

You can find these and many other healthy, fast recipes in my book Processed Kids.  Coming out this month, you can pre-order at


  1. I'm always on the lookout for nutrient-packed portable food. Thanks for the recipe. What's protien powder made out of anyway? I don't have any in my pantry.

  2. I used a whey protein. My favorite is Biochem, natural flavor, you can get it at Whole Foods. It doesn't have that yucky taste most protein powders have. It makes great shakes too.